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22212I have always called my horsemanship method “Finding a better way” which is dedicated to honoring qualities of the past with an undying passion to improve in the future. I admire these same traits in the Cinch Hook. The quality workmanship and ease of application allows me to focus on what is most important to me, and that is always, The Horse.

Guy Mclean

2x Road to the Horse Champion

Australian Horseman, Entertainer, Bush Poet

Dan James of Double Dan horseman & Entertainer. 2X Winner of Road to the Horse World Champion Colt Staring.


Pat Parelli LOVES this ingenious little Gizmo!

It saves time and effort, especially when saddling lots of horses every day

The only saddles Pat wants to have put on any of his horses in Pat’s World are Parelli saddles. Cinch Hook is now standard equipment on all the Natural Performer and Ranch Roper saddles at his barn.

Cinch Hook is a small, completely handmade, stainless steel connecting device, that is laced through the latigos and attached to the main cinch.

Get one, and you will have laced your latigo for the last time:

Cinch Hook remains in place on your saddle and becomes your cinch buckle. You simply connect Cinch Hook, adjust the tightness as normal, and lock.

To loosen, pull your latigo and with a flip of a finger you’re undone!

Cinch Hook offers a slim design, quick release and ease of saddling never offered before, yet will remain in place, stable and strong no matter what your sport.

Cinch Hook has been extensively field tested in every western performance discipline for strength, durability, ease of use and safety, before being offered to the public.

THANK YOU, Jack Horsey (from Downunder) for your marvelous invention!

smallgarlandTommy Garland

The Cinch Hook is the “new way” to cinch your girth…….

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