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I recently purchased the Cinch Hook. I came across it by total chance while just looking for a cinch online. I was curious, watched your video demo and bought it. Why? I have a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder and it’s been miserable for me to cinch up my horse for almost a year now. I’ve had my boyfriend or anyone else do it any chance I got and when no one else was around, I’d have to adjust my poor horses belly 4-5 times to feel confident I got it tight enough and on those days, I’d never canter, not really feeling 100% sure of it. I was blown away by how amazing the Cinch Hook is and it doesn’t bother my injury at all. I can even do it left handed – something I would never have tried before. I literally have to be careful not to cinch my horse too tight. It takes me just seconds, with total ease, to get my saddle on now.

I’ve loved riding since I was a little girl but since my injury occurred, there were many times I didn’t even feel like going due the impending struggle I’d have to endure just to get tacked up safely. The Cinch Hook has changed my life and you are more than welcome to add this as a testimony to your website or any advertisements you may have. I just want to thank you so much for this revolutionary item. I will never cinch without it again, even if my shoulder heals completely. I’m already telling everyone I know to get it.

Thanks again!

Nicole LeMaster
Tustin Ranch, CA


Hello Mr. Horsey,I spoke with you briefly at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin earlier this spring and purchased a Cinch Hook from you.  I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with that purchase.  It is worth it’s weight in gold!I never could get the cinch tight enough, and it would take me so long to get my saddle on that by the time I was finished I was to frustrated to actually ride.  The thought of having to fight the saddle and annoy my horse in the process was a huge roadblock for me in improving my riding.Having the Cinch Hook has made a world of difference!  Now, I can tack up in about the same amount of time it takes everyone else in the stable.  It is a wonderful tool.  Thank you!Sincerely,

Julee Jacobson
Cedar Falls, IA


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