Are you tired of having to unwrap all that latigo to use the same saddle on different horses?
Tired of hanging, dragging latigos after you unsaddle?
Is your horse bucking from a hard, dirty cinch?
Have you ever needed to unsaddle quickly for safety reasons and been unable to get all that latigo unwrapped?
Do you ride more than one horse with the same saddle or ride colts and need to swap out cinches quickly and easily?
Tired of not bothering to swap out cinches because it’s too much time and trouble, and end up with your cinch wrapped to the rings on both side?
Know you should wash your cinch regularly, but it’s a pain to undo that off side?

  • Easy attachment on both sides
  • Quick release for safety, also makes removal of cinch for cleaning after each ride, a snap
  • So simple even a child can use it
  • Makes for easier control girth itch and sore
  • Helps extend the life of your latigo and cinch
  • Cinch up in seconds, easier saddling
  • No more hard, sweaty cinches for colts, problem horses – no more trying to wrap latigo

Cinch Hook has been extensively field tested by horsemen of every discipline for quality and function. No bulk under your leg, freedom of movement, You’ll never know it’s there until you need it!

Each piece inspected for quality and strength!
U. S.  Patent # 7591125


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